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1. Printing PDF Patterns: Do not print or open the pdf pattern directly from a web browser to print or save it.  Download pattern document When printing out PDF patterns, use a pdf reader program (Example: Adobe Reader). Adobe reader download link.

2. Printer Settings for PDF Downloads: Check printer settings.  The pdf pattern should be printed Actual Size or at a100%.  **Do not use fit to page or scaling in the printer settings.  

3. Pattern Piece Printing: Check the pattern piece by using the measurement square.  Each pattern piece has a 1" x 1" measurement square to check that the pattern piece has been printed correctly.  

4. Pattern Redistribution: Patterns and instructions cannot be redistributed or shared.  Patterns are purchased for personal use.  Copyright laws do not allow for reprinting or redistributing patterns.

5.  Making Items for Sale: Items made from the patterns may be sold at craft fairs and online in small quantities or small batches.  These patterns are intended for the home sewer and not for wide spread manufacturing or mass production. Large scale production is not allowed from my patterns.  Please give credit to Sew Cute And Quirky for the pattern design when making and selling items.    

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